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Panettone cake in Vilnius

Panettone cake in Vilnius

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Panettone is an Italian cake that melts in your mouth and is popular all over the world.
This Panettone is naturally raised and baked according to the family tradition
the recipe. Without genetically modified ingredients. 100% butter-based - none
replacement fat!
The process of making the cake takes several days (about 72 hours). According to Italian
tradition, the baked cake is hung upside down to cool. Hanging
while the cake is still warm, it stretches, becomes even lighter in texture and forms only
it is characterized by a dome shape. Panettone goes well with both hot drinks and
with sparkling or dessert wine, and suitable for various occasions

Company Favorina cake

Weight - 500 gr, in a box

It is cheaper with flowers, call +37060175144

Italian cake

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